Dhërmi is a village in Vlorë County, Albania. It is part of the municipality Himarë. The village lies 42 kilometers south of the city of Vlorë and about the same distance north of the southern city of Sarandë. The village is built on a slope of the Ceraunian Mountains at approximately 200 meters in altitude. 

Exploring Dhërmi!

The sea around Dhermi is famous for its blue colour and clarity. Deserted rocky coves, orange and olive groves, and not (too many) foreign tourist in sight (just a few loveable local donkeys)… welcome to the Albanian Riviera. You can spend many days here exploring local mountains, caves and beaches. Other possible activities include diving off the rocks, sea kayaking, snorkelling or diving in the crystal blue waters of Ionian sea, having shots of rakia in between, and, if this is rather not your cup of tea – just click the “skip to next” button…and follow the mainstream tourism.

Just shy of where the road finally stops to descend when travelling from Llogara Pass to Dhermi, there is a dirt road turn-off towards the sea (since 2014 this road has been asphalt-upgraded). Follow the road straight down to the 1km long beach, which despite of being slowly taken over by commercial tourism in recent years, it still offers plenty of undeveloped empty space.It is thought the beach was the landing area for Ceasar and his troops during the Roman Civil War in the 1st century BC. Ceasar and his legions moved across the Llogara Pass to the north and fought Pompey’s troops which were stationing at the time near Oricum (today archeological park of Orikum). To this day there are visible remains of 2nd century BC settlement of Palaeste which can be found near Palase.

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